Blah Blah What?
Your first legit shiny pokemon?








Fearow. I named her Glimmer <3

My first legit shiny was an Arbok. C:

One of my eggs hatched in FireRed and out came a shiny Eevee! o v o

Mine was a Golbat in Heart Gold. I named him Commodore.

Raticate…… Crystal. at moo moo farms

a trapinch in emerald. turned on the game the next morning and it had CORRUPTED FUCK

Sandshrew in Sapphire. She’s still putzin’ around in Diamond now.

Zigzagoon, then the next day I started a new game and I forgot about my shiny and lost it forever. ;A;

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    Shiny rattata i named Nugget :B
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    A wurmple in Ruby. I trained it to dustox and then left it in the pc.
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    shiny deerling. i called it OMG.
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    Not counting the Red Gyarados and the shiny legendary cats/dogs/gerbils (yeah, I did that event), my first legit shiny...
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    don’t quite remember if my first was Phanpy...remember I evolved that
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    A shiny Doduo in Pokemon Crystal.
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    Heart Gold. First shiny encounter since ‘97 Blue. B) *iscompletelyashamed*
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    My first shiny was Poochyena in Emerald. I don’t count any 4th gen shinies mainly because they’re much easier to find,...
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    Shiny Haunter.
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    shiny wurmple awwhh yeah
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    Tentacool It doesn’t even look that great guys. ;n;
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    tiles… tentacool. Since...shit ton more XD
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    Guys Guys Guys Guess Zubat Found it in Mt Moon on a borrowed copy of Pokemon Leaf Green. Traded it over to my game, now...
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    i actually didnt know mine was a shiny at first haha! ouo he was a sentret i caught in the wild and since the normal and...
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    I encountered a Shiny Electrode in LeafGreen, but it used Selfdestruct. But then I caught a Shiny Spheal in Emerald, I...
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    a… Shiny Elekid, Crystal - Through the Odd Egg. Guess...lucky, since all
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    Paras in Crystal! Caught during the bug catching contest too (first place lmao)
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    In crystal version, I hatched an igglybuff from the old day car couple, and it turned out to be a shiny (statistically...
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    A shiny Quagsire in Platinum… IN THE GREAT MARSH. When I saw that thing pop up in the safari zone my first thought was...
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    Green Zubat in Heartgold. I’ve played every game from every gen, and I finally found one here? Damnit XD
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    Both… Personally it was...Vulpix from firered. Still have her too.
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    A Zubat on Ruby I still have it
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    I don’t know wtf is wrong with you guys, I for one caught Shiny Gyaradoses in both Heartgold and Crystal. lol
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    I honestly don’t remember, because I have a shit fuck ton of shiny pokemon that are all legit. (My video game luck is...
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    Gyrado- Nope, none legit OTL In every pokemon game I save my master ball not for any legendaries - not even the roaming...
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    him… Red Gyrados at Lake Rage...Silver. *Trollface.jpg*
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    Zigzagoon, then the next day I started a new game and I forgot about my shiny and lost it forever. ;A;
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    Zubat, Mt. Mortar...SoulSilver. She’s...beautiful Crobat...
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    Sandshrew in Sapphire. She’s still putzin’ around in Diamond now.
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    A Magnemite in Heart Gold. I named it “OMGShiny” xD
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    a shiny tentacruel in emerald
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    A shiny Voltorb - but back then I was only about eight and had no clue what a shiny was. I just thought it was this...
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    …Snubbul XD
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    I also got a shiny Rhyhorn in Platinum *A* but my first legit shiny Pokemon was a… Chinchou in Ruby XD
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    shiny groudon, ive showed it to people before i believe so at least ~they~ can vouch for me lol. shiny groudons dont...
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    Shiny Whismur (so beautiful that I don’t want to evolve it at all ;w;) and a shiny Quagsire on my Platinum (and I ended...
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    When I was little and had know external knowledge of Pokemon, I encountered a shiny Arbok, and caught it with my Master...